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Prices valid for 60 days from the date of this quotation.

Subject: Video Surveillance System

Video Cameras: The cameras record daytime and after hours activity. Cameras can be very useful in identifying people and other descriptors following a theft or a crime.


Box Camera: Price includes bracket, housing with heater and fan + lens and transformers

Clinton Electronics CE-CC115
Color Day/Night Box camera – low light
540 TVL TV Line Resolution
Sense Up Feature for Optimal Night Image
Lense – C70223HK 2.8-12 mm, F1.4, Vari Focal, Auto Iris


IR Bullet Camera: In case of low light there are cameras with Infrared Illuminators

Clinton Electronics - VF 54 IR

This is waterproof high-resolution 1/3" Sony™ CCD color wide-angle infrared (IR) camera with a 2.8 – 12mm Vari Focal, Auto-Iris Lens. It’s designed for use indoors or outdoors where video is required at low or even zero illumination levels as well as at normal daylight or artificial light illumination. This camera provides 540TV lines of high resolution video in color at normal light levels and switches to black and white under low light conditions providing a useable IR range of up to 150’ with its 42 IR LEDs.





GeoVision 4-channel Hybrid System - for 4 analog plus IP cameras
DVR (Digital Video Recorder) records the picture digitally onto a hard disk drive, which produces playback picture, complete with date and time of the incident. The DVR records only when it detects a change in the video picture, eliminating endless hours of needless recording. The DVR neatly "catalogues" these events for easy viewing when required. The video archives can be viewed onsite or offsite via the Internet without affecting current recordings. In fact, DVRs can record new activity, display old archives and live viewing both on and offsite all at the same time.
The DVR is PC based which, unlike embedded systems, is very flexible and very user friendly.
The price is determined by its capabilities such as:
  1. how many cameras it can handle,
  2. how long it can archive video and
  3. how fast it can display both live and archived images.
1 The DVRs are built for 4 cameras, 8 cameras, or 16.
  1. The archiving capability is determined by the size of the hard disk drive (HDD). Some customers require only a few days of archiving while others need several weeks of recording. Additional disk drives can be easily added for expanded weeks or even months of archiving.
  2. When you and I watch a person or vehicle in motion, we actually see this motion at 30 frames or images per second. The DVR for 4 cameras that we recommend is 120 FPS (Frames Per Second), therefore a DVR rated at 120FPS will offer excellent playback video in case you use only 4 cameras. DVR for 8 cameras is recommended with 240fps.

Internet Access

Using High Speed Internet connection the premises can be viewed from home and any other place off-site via Internet and Smart Phone. Internet access is granted to authorized users only and cannot be viewed by the general public. The video image will include the date and time of an accident and it is usable in court if required.


PC based Video Surveillance System prices(GST not included)

After viewing the place I recommend 2 bullet and 2 box cameras
4-Channel DVR, 2TB HDD,120FPS, DVD-RW, Windows XP Professional(up to 28 IP cameras can be added in the future)
2 Bullet cameras IR
2 Long body cameras in housing
Cable @ Accessories per camera
Installation Labour for outdoor camera (wire not in conduit)
Connection to High Speed Internet, Smart Phones and training

Total (GST not included)

Some additional prices
Warning sign
Small window decal
Big door decal
This is the system that has proven more cost effective and more usable for our customers. It is Internet ready, it allows remote viewing without installing software, it allows remote servicing, it is Windows based and the users are more familiar and comfortable to manage with the recorder and the remote access.
One-year warranty on DVR, cameras and parts as per the supplier at no cost.
Installation time would be about two days and can be done almost immediately.
The less expensive solutions are available but the servicing and the hassle for the owners is going to add up more than the initial investment in PC based system.
Armour Alarms Inc. keeps their prices low, but we are willing to beat any competitors’ estimates on the same equipment GUARANTEED!
Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 777-1593 if I can be of any further assistance.


Best regards,
Elza Dontcheva